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Thank you for using Property (the "Website").
This page states the terms under which you may use the Website. By accessing the Website you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms.

A. Intellectual property
The content of the Website, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, software and trademarks are the property of hereinafter known as Property Services and are protected by copyright and other laws. Property Services does not tolerate copyright infringement and will actively pursue any known infringement to the full extent of the law.

B. Restrictions on use
You may not copy, reproduce, republish, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, download, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use Property Services content in any way except for your own personal use. Nor may you use the Website to create, amend, update or verify any databases, directories, customer lists, mailing lists or other records ( unless you have registered as an introducer when it is permissible for the introducer to edit contractor details within their own panel ).

The use of Property Services data as a source or target for direct marketing, telemarketing, market research, or any other marketing activity on yours, or someone else's behalf, is strictly prohibited.

C. Website Warranties
Property Services does not guarantee the timeliness, completeness or performance of the Website or any of the content. While we try to ensure that all content featured on the Website is correct at the time of publication, no responsibility is accepted by Property Services for any errors, omissions or inaccurate content on the Website.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage, financial or otherwise as a result of you using the information provided on the Website, nor does Property Services guarantee the suitability or quality of any products or services featured on the Website.

Property Services does not warrant that access to the Website or the features on the Website will be uninterrupted or error free. Nor does Property Services warrant that the server on which the Website is based is free of Viruses or other harmful code.

D. Contributions to the site
Contributions made to the Website are encouraged, providing they are made in a responsible manner and are in no way inaccurate, defamatory or misleading.

Property Services reserves the right, without any obligation whatsoever, to review, correct, remove or modify any content submitted to the website.

By submitting a rating or review to the website you are accepting that your name and email address will become available to the company you review, and your name will be displayed on the Website.

E. Advertising your business with Property Services
The Information you provide in relation to your business must be accurate and truthful.

By default, when you sign up to Property Services as a business you accept that your company can be reviewed by your customers and other users of the site. You have the opportunity in your account settings to disable reviews if you wish. If you disable reviews, your profile page will display a message to reflect that reviews have been disabled.

Property Services aims to be impartial, and we will not take sides in a dispute between a company and a customer. We will only remove negative reviews in the following circumstances...

 The review is offensive.
 The review posted is libellous, and / or cannot be substantiated.
 The review has been posted under a false name.
 Where the reviewer has never had any dealings with the company.
 We are ordered to remove a review by a legal authority.

If your company receives a negative review, you have the ability to respond underneath the review, posting your side of the story. Please note that we have implemented many automated checks and controls which help us to identify false, inaccurate and offensive reviews before they even go live.

F. User Accounts
As stated in our Privacy policy, we reserve the right to send you certain communications relating to your account, such as service announcements and administrative messages without offering you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving them.

You may not use, or allow others to use, your account to:

 Post any content that is abusive or defamatory or which discloses private or personal matters concerning any person.
 Impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with anyone or entity.

G. General
If you see any content on the site that is incorrect, is illegal or breaches anyone else's rights, please contact us.

Property Services may change, alter or modify these Terms at any time. Any changes to these Terms will be posted on the Website. If you do not agree to Terms on this page, you should cease use of the Website.

H. Business Leads and Payment Options

There are two payment routes  available to acquire the customer details for website generated Property Services leads:


  1. Pay £15.00 for the customer details for each lead you receive on an ad hoc basis


  2. Subscribe for £5 per month for a minimum 12 month period. All relevant leads with full customer contact details will automatically be forwarded to you with nothing further to pay.
    In addition, your business will receive a listing on our useful links page.

Business leads relevant to your business are sent to you from customers using the Property Services website.
In the event that the leads are NOT relevant to your business;  we ask that you notify us immediately  by emailing us at

I. Introducer Registration
A minimum of one and a maximum of 15 professionals can to be introduced .
You then obtain your own log in panel which can be set for both management and staff access levels.

From your log in panel you are able to:
  • Introduce work to those that you have introduced
  • Set your panel to charge £0 or £10 or more per each instruction
  • Retain an audit trail of all business passed and charged to others 

Financial Incentives

Where you opt to charge for work passed to a contractor on your designated list, we have a set a competitive fee/commission scale.
( This has taken account of admin, Pay Pal and our banks charges )  

The minimum fee you are able to charge is £10.
(It is not commercailly viable to administer  amounts lower than this. )

You will receive £5 per instruction when charging £10.  
Amounts you charge over £10 will attract a cost of £5 or 10% whichever is the greater.    

We will inform you should the above figures change.  



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